wechatimgj wechatimgi wechatimgk wechatimgl wechatimgm wechatimgn wechatimge wechatimgc wechatimgb wechatimga马中丝绸之路企业家协会总会长沈君伟于日前在杭州受邀为“中华儿女报刊社”及“中国信富集团”全国企业领导人分享:“走好新的长征路,中马关系发展与投资环境”,进一步为“一带一路”中国企业走出去,对马来西亚的投资优势作了深层的介绍。

MCSREA President Mr Sim was invited to attend and giving his speech during a seminar hosted by XinFu Group. The seminar was hosted on 20 Nov 2016 in HangZhou, ZheJiang Province. Mr Sim had introduced Malaysia-China relationship as well as the reasons why Malaysia stood out as the most suitable country for investments for the Chinese entrepreneurs or SMEs.

The group which consist of Mr Desmond Ang, Deputy Secretary of MCSREA; Mr Mike Ng, Committee Member of MCSREA; and also Mr Fan Shue King of KTG Group Malaysia, was warmly welcome by the CEO of XinFu Group Mr Wen and all his colleagues.